June 2021 Real Estate Update

July 6, 2021

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In the days before the internet, when people were looking for a professional – a contractor, for example – they would often ask a friend or neighbour, “Do you know a good [insert profession]?”

Well, guess what? The same thing still happens today! It’s just done a little differently. These days, people often ask for recommendations online, such as on their community’s Facebook page.

However it’s done, the intention is obvious. People prefer to work with professionals who are recommended. That definitely includes real estate professionals.

In my business, I work hard to be the kind of trusted real estate professional that clients rely on to help sell their property, find their next home, and make the entire process go smoothly. In addition, I stay in touch long-term to be an ongoing resource of information and advice.

So, if friends or neighbours ask for a real estate agent recommendation, I hope you’ll feel comfortable giving them my name. I’d really appreciate your support!