February 2020 Market Update Video

March 9, 2020

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Here is a video on the latest market numbers.  Click here to watch it!

Thanks for watching!!

Has this ever happened to you? You’re looking for a contractor or other professional for a home project or repair. You search on Google and find hundreds of names. You spend hours considering them. Yet, you never feel confident that the people you find will be qualified, experienced and reputable.

That’s not an unusual scenario. In the end, most people email a friend or neighbour, and ask, “Do you know a good contractor?”

Often that approach works best!

In fact, a growing number of my clients come my way by referral too. I deeply appreciate all those people who recommend me to their friends and neighbours.

So, I’d like to return the favour.

You see, I’m well-connected in the local “home industry”. If you’re looking for someone – a contractor, a repair person, a landscape company, etc. – please check out my website under the “My Network” menu. I may be able to recommend someone to you.  The list is continual changing and updating as I meet new qualified contractors and service providers that I feel comfortable recommending to you.  Of course, you should never hire a contractor without first doing the appropriate research to ensure they meet your specific needs.