Cochrane Real Estate Update – September 2021

October 5, 2021


I recorded a video on the real estate market in Cochrane for you. Click here to watch it!

How often has someone asked you about a particular professional or a service company? For example, they may have asked, “Do you know a good tree trimming service?” or “Can you recommend a great accountant?”

Chances are you’ve been asked plenty of times over the years.

The reason is obvious. Most people would prefer to work with a professional or company that a friend or neighbour has endorsed. That’s why they ask for recommendations!

With that in mind, when you get asked, “Do you know a great real estate agent?” I hope you’ll offer my name. If you do, I promise to provide that person with my very best service — as I do all my clients.

If the opportunity comes up and you do recommend me, please let me know. I’ll want to thank you personally for the referral and I do have a referral gift program as well!!

And, by the way, recommendations go both ways. If you’re looking for a contractor or other professional, give me a call. I can probably give you the name of someone who does excellent work in Cochrane.