Bathroom Renovations: tub or not tub

February 1, 2019

When renovating the bathroom in your home the big question is always tub/no tub and how that will hurt your homes resale.  Well I think its a question of who your market is for your type of home.  If your home is an apartment style 1 or 2 bedroom condo and therefore your market is singles or young couples than a shower could be the way to go.  It offers more room in the often limited space condo and really adds appeal.

However, if your home is a starter home with 3+ bedrooms you should ensure that tub is in at least 1 bathroom.  It is a necessity for that family with younger children.

It’s my opinion that you should always have one tub in the home.  Showers always look better and with a tile and glass style shower really opens up the sometimes cramped bathrooms.  It can be a real seller in the ensuite.