Investment Property Cash Fows

Tax Benefits and Cash-Flow In an earlier blog I discussed rental properties and cash-flows.  Real Estate Investments.  So what things affect the cash flow?  For the most part it is quite simple the cash in and outs of the business.  However, there is one cash flow item that should be investigated ...

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So, You Want the Best Home in the Neighbourhood.

What are the Pros and Cons of buying the highest priced home in the neighbourhood? The Pros are pretty easy to identify with.  You don’t want to compromise, you want the perfect home, the home as certain features you can’t find elsewhere in the neighbourhood and usually the biggest reason ...

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Maximizing Your Home Sale Price

The sale price of your home will closely match the sale price of the home down the street that is similar to yours that sold just a month ago.  But how do you ensure the sale price is as high as possible and sell before your neighbours house down the street ...

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